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The home building industry is a familiar and comfortable backdrop for Melanie Dawson, ECI’s Marketing & Selections Coordinator. Years ago she accompanied her dad on construction job site visits, so she had an early introduction to the business that is now her passion and profession.

In 2013 Melanie co-owned a construction company in Maryland. It was the perfect opportunity for Melanie to learn more about the building industry while putting her Business Administration degree and marketing certificates to use. As she coordinated administrative and marketing programs for the business, she refined her interpersonal and communication skills. She believes that one should listen to understand not just listen to reply.

Facilitating communication and organization between ECI team members and trade partners to create an effortless team environment for the client is a top priority for Melanie. ” I am passionate and inspired by all things design, whether it’s marketing design details or interior design details, seeing design concepts come together from concept to completion is such a truly gratifying experience.”

With a proven successful track record for innovating and delivering unique, effective marketing strategies and campaigns, Melanie is excited to bring her passion, fresh ideas, and knowledge to ECI. Her academic background coupled with her creativity and love of the industry make her an ideal fit for our Marketing & Selections Coordinator position.

Melanie is committed to supporting ECI, a company that shares her mutual core values. She’s especially focused on integrity and often advises her daughters, “Do the right thing even when no one is looking.” During her free time, you’ll find Melanie embarking on lowcountry adventures with her daughters.