Esposito Construction is rooted in four core values: Passion for what we do and who we are, Integrity that ensures we’ll do what we’ve promised to do, Excellence which reflects our commitment to do our best on behalf of our clients, and Respect for all parties involved…or as we prefer to put it, “treat everyone as you would like to be treated.”

Our goal to infuse our core values throughout our projects evolved years ago, as Brian Esposito began honing his skills in the construction industry as a finish carpenter. He realized that in addition to seasoned, exceptional talent, consistent attention to detail and impeccable customer service, his business should be built on the kind of principals and trust that assure clients their dreams are in the very best hands.


While climbing the industry ladder, Brian had the opportunity to work with a seasoned veteran carpenter who trained him to look at every detail of a project, no matter how big or how small. When Brian asked his trainer if a detail was “good enough” the answer from his mentor was a simple question, “Is it perfect? Because perfect is the only ‘good enough’ we accept”. That was the beginning of years of training that Brian received from this mentor. And it was the beginning of what defines Brian’s approach to custom home building. He’s now sharing his detail-oriented vision with his team at Esposito Construction.

You might say we take a high-touch approach to custom homebuilding in the Lowcountry. This means you can expect frequent interaction with our team members through every step of the building process. We believe strong communication is the key to strong relationships, and our customers tell us again and again that feeling connected from start to finish is what makes the custom homebuilding experience with Esposito Construction so positive and memorable.

“The Esposito Team is professional, hands on, actively involved and accountable, assuring the client will be 100% satisfied.” -BB & GB