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Steve Swartz is a natural fit for Construction Manager thanks to his steady, extensive experience in the custom home construction industry. A native of Utica, Pennsylvania, his journey to ECI management began early, with studies in woodworking, architectural and mechanical drawing and eventually CAD, all accomplished while Steve was enrolled in the Franklin School District in Franklin, PA.

He pursued an apprenticeship in framing and after just three years of thoroughly learning the trade, became the owner and operator of his own framing company for 12 years. He enhanced his skill set with several years at Northeast Field Services conducting inspections for insurance and mortgage companies.

In his current role, Steve oversees multiple ECI projects including both new construction and home renovations. He manages vendor and trade partner relations and provides regular owner/client progress updates. He says one of his critical goals is “collaborating with staff members as a team player.”

Steve and wife Misty have two daughters, Alexzandria Riley and Katelynn Swartz, and a son, Kody McClung. Their dogs, Lacey Mae and Jojo complete the family. In his free time, Steve enjoys dirt bike riding, hunting, fishing and playing guitar.